Is Sandoog Catalysing Iraq's Logistics revolution?

Iraq is seeing a surge of logistical services for e-commerce and food services being introduced in the market over the last 3 years - And Sandoog has been at the forefront of this wave, when it introduced the first order management platform in 2018 to e-commerce clients in Iraq. It was launched to address the core issues within the last-mile delivery sector - Labour intensive, manual  process that had little transparency and loose accounting in a Cash-on-Delivery heavy market.

E-commerce businesses in Iraq, like many similar emerging markets, traditionally rely largely on an economy of trust between the drivers, the customers and suppliers. This culture has been slowly changing to keep up with the demands and expectations of the market and the consumer.

in an interview with 'Iraq innovators', Sandoog Co-Founder Mustafa Al Obaidi, outlined the journey of Sandoog and how pivotal the role is of 3PL solutions like Sandoog is in supporting the economical development in Iraq and how this enables cross-border trade flourish with other countries.

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