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First place award at the ARABNET startup battle, Baghdad, Iraq, 2019
The story so far...

Sandoog was founded with the aim of providing innovative tech-driven, 3PL solutions for the growing e-commerce sector in Iraq and beyond.

The problems we are solving in this challenging market are uniquely local, but also extend globally - from improving the fulfilment experience for our clients, to the handling of Cash-on-Delivery transactions nationwide.

Since 2018, we have enabled clients to both successfully enter the Iraqi market and scale in way that has not been seen before...

Sandoog gives your e-commerce Superpowers

Directly reach customers in Iraq, wherever you are in the world.

The work we love

We are passionate about developing Logistics solutions using technology that, not only improve the local economy, but also have positive social impact. Since launching our services - We have enabled hundreds of delivery, operations and office staff to find jobs at Sandoog and be part of a pioneering startup journey!

4 years of growth

Since launching our service we've seen continuous quarterly growths for both our clients and ourselves - Delivering half a million orders and handling over $10M in cash for our merchants!

Multiple locations, multi-lingual

We have staff on the ground in Iraq, as well as in Europe and the middle east - all providing vital work to develop our solution for you - the client!


Scalability is our language - We aim to support your business in reaching the maximum number of customers in Iraq in the fastest fulfilment and delivery time.

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Baghdad Office

14 Ramadan Street,
Al Mansour
Baghdad, Iraq

london office

B.71, 272
Kensington High Street
W8 6ND
London, UK

erbil office

100 Street
Erbil, Iraq

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